The Google+

Google +1

In month of April Google launched +1 with search results for some days(May be a limited preview).
+1 was for recommending the website from Google search page with your friends.


to enable +1 to you account you can go to and enable the +1 service.



first trace was seen when Google product started revamping its products. Google profiles ( started linking all the popular Google product you are using and now it have some additional features like friends list, Buzz, videos etc..

In Google+

  • Google Circle Grouping your friends to share post,pic… eg. school friend, friend of friend, relative…
  • Google Spark  Recommendation engine for finding interesting content shared by your friends and friends of friend or second level contacts from you.
  • Google Hangout Video chat. you can say a virtual hanging out.
  • Google Huddle is like twitting with your friends or a group Chat


now having Google+ account will help you to manage the Google account and Google profile account in single profile page as the both of them have linked to one another.

Google have taken seriously to enter in social networking this time and having relatively good experience in Orkut social networking and dominated Gmail service which will surely provide a large customer base.
Google is providing a good mobile app for Google+ which will prove it more effective even on mole platform

The best part i like the most is Data liberation the feature i was expecting it years ago in one place. By using this feature we can backup photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts, and Buzz posts to Hardrive in .zip format isn’t that cool


if you are having an Google+ account you have Google Profile and Google Account in the same account. The Google+ profile site will have more features like post,notification ,circles ,sparks etc.. you can get a look at good guide for Google+

To know more what more can be done on Google+ which have good information on Circles,Stream,The Google+ bar,Hangouts, Sparks, Mobile

What more to expect…


It is sure that Google will revamp the design of the Gmail service and will provide integrated service of Google+ to user.


Google have launched a theme for Gmail which is some what the future look of Gmail+ 

Google +1
Google+ Android
Google Profiles
Google Accounts

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