Windows 7 online ID providers


Windows 7 online ID providers can access certain features on your computer over the Internet.

What you can sync with your account

  1. Media
  2. Space
  3. Card
  4. Devices

For the configuration of your Windows 7 account you will need

  1. Hotmail / Live / MSN Account
  2. Open ID (coming soon)

many benefit are provided through customizing your access. if you wish to install the Windows 7 online ID providers you can go to

       Windows 7 online ID providers

download and install the package depending your 32/64 bit machine.
More options to connect to your existing open id will be available soon.

So to add an online ID provider
  1. Open User Accounts by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking User Accounts and Family Safety
    (or clicking User Accounts, if you are connected to a network domain), and then clicking User Accounts.

  2. Click Link online IDs.


  3. Click Add an online ID provider.

  4. Click your online ID provider in the list, and then follow the instructions.


Now weare ready to authenticate you account


Fill up your Account details and configure


you can also enable smart card / card space feature for your account.



Now we have authenticated our account to live account.


Now we can share our media to our devices, any other remote machine or a home group.

Let us start to configure connection to your and remote machine



Set you Folders you want to share also set permission accordingly.

Now we are able to share our media within our home group or other group (previously created and configured)



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