Android AVD configuring Eclipse

Eclipse(Galileo) Pulsar

plug-in installation can be in 2 ways

1. Online Mode (Recommended )
2. Offline Mode



Download 1 required for both online an offline update

Download 2 required to be downloaded if you are planning to do manual or offline update

ONLINE Plug-in Configure

Start Eclipse….


If you have installed Eclipse –(pulsar) which is dedicated IDE for Mobile Application Environment. By Default you have SDK of standard Mobile Platform API. you have default environment

Packages By Default

Nokia SDK (Selected series may be of S or N series)
MOTODEV SDK (Motorola standard SDK Kit)
Sony Ericsson SDK


To install Android Plug-in go to

Help –> Install New Software tab

Enter Work with url  by Add  



As the String is validated you will get an option to download following packages to eclipse

Android DDMS
Android Development Tool Kit ( ADT Plug-in for Eclipse ) 



select them by checking, downloading and install the packs.


OFFLINE Plug-in Configure

Another option to do this all is by

1. Download the second Download option too.

2. Extract ADT 0.9.7

3. Goto \ADT-0.9.7\plugins folder

4. Copy


5. TO

    < Eclipse path>  \eclipse\plugins\  (copy to location)

After installation of the plug-in restart eclipse to reflect all the changes you have made

Part 3 – Android SDK Eclipse and Emulator Settings

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